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Found Property


The following property is now in the possession of the Woodland Park Police Department.
The property will be sold at auction, donated, destroyed or converted to departmental use if not claimed.
All persons having valid claim to the property listed below should make claim to the property with reasonable proof of ownership.
For further information, contact the Police Property Section on how to claim the property.

Class Ring - Lost

Case # 13-0837
Date Recovered: July 24, 2013
Make/Model: H. Fletcher Brown Tech High School Class Ring




130700 Bicycle

Case # 130700
Date Recovered: June 19, 2013
Make/Model: Next 8103-37
Color: Red



Case # 13-0656
Date Recovered: June 8, 2013
Make/Model: Magna Electroshock
Color: Black/Green


Case#13-0284 - Bike

Case # 13-0284
Date Recovered: March 11, 2013
Make/Model: Pacific Phoneix Bicycle
Color: Blue





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  • Recovered on June, 19, 2013
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