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The Woodland Park Police Department's Investigations Division reports directly to the Chief of Police.  This division is reponsibile for the coordination of investigative matters, maintaining and storing evidence and acts as an informal liason between criminal justice agencies in the local area.  Detectives are primarily responsible for investigating either crimes against property or crimes aganist persons such as burglary, forgery, embezzlement, theft, homicides, assaults, and robberies that are committed within the City of Woodland Park. In addition, cases involving missing persons, computer crimes, sexual assault both on adults and children, and felony chilld abuse are duties assigned to this unit.

Detectives are responsible for maintaining registration information and verifying residence and employment on all known sex offenders and parolees residing within the City of Woodland Park.

The division gathers information on criminal activity, crime trends, and criminal groups that pose a potential threat to public safety in the City of Woodland Park.

The Investigation Division is led by Detective Sergeant Chris Adams. Each Detectives assigned to the division receives specialized training in interview and interrogaton techniques, evidence collection, criminal procedure, search and seizure requirements and rules of evidence.

You can contact Detective Sergeant Adams via email by clicking on his name above or by calling the Police Department at 687-9262.




Chris Adams
Detective Sergeant

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