Water Treatment

The City provides water to approximately 4,031 homes, businesses and institutions in our community. Water is also available in storage to meet the extra demands of events such as fires and water main breaks. Treatment plant capacity is 2 MGD, with 3 MGD capacity in emergencies. Treated water is stored in 5 steel tanks totaling 3.94 MG.

  • MGD = million gallons per day
  • GPD = gallons per day

Water Resources

In 2020, two-thirds of the City’s raw water came from local wells and springs and one-third was piped in from Woodland Park’s transbasin water rights.

Limited future improvements are planned for the City’s North Well Field near the golf course, increasing reliability for existing customers and providing water for moderate City growth toward a service population of 12,600.

2020 Water Facts

2020 average population served - 4,031 homes, businesses and Institutions

  • Peak 7-day demand: 1.052 mgd - July 9-15, 2020
  • 2020 Average Daily Consumption (gallons per day): 719,000
  • New 2020 Residential water taps: 38
  • New 2020 Multi-family water taps: 0 (18 taps committed)
  • New 2020 Commercial water taps: 2