Business/Sales & Tax Licensing

All businesses operating in the City of Woodland Park must obtain a Business/Sales and Use Tax License (PDF).  (Electronic Form).  This includes professional services, charitable organizations, home businesses, temporary vendors, and door-to-door solicitors.  Once you submit your business license online, you will receive a call.  Please be ready to pay and give your EIN number and/or Colorado State number.

Renewals for a Business License can be completed on your online account.

Note: Even businesses that do not "sell" anything must obtain a City license.

  • Licenses are nontransferable from person to person.
  • The annual license fee is $50 and covers a one-year period ending December 31 of each calendar year. (Late fees apply for delinquent renewals.)
  • Charitable or tax-exempt organizations must be licensed but are exempt from the license fee.
  • No license fee shall be assessed to any person or entity conducting business activities within the corporate limits of the city two times per year or less.
  • Temporary vendors and special events are not required to be licensed, but a Special Event Permit (PDF) is available that provides the information and forms to collect and remit applicable sales tax.
  • Door-to-door solicitors are encouraged to carry a copy of their license with them.

If your business is in a residential location, you must complete a Home Occupation Zoning Development Permit in addition to the Business/Sales and Use Tax License application.

Tax Rates

City of Woodland Park Tax Rate: 

  • Sales Tax 4.09%
  • Use Tax 1%
  • Lodging Tax 5.7%

If you have a Temporary Lodging Home; please visit our MUNIRevs Site.

For the latest information on state sales and use tax rates, see the Colorado Sales/Use Tax Rates Lookup from the State of Colorado Website.

Colorado Business Express (CBE)

New businesses can now apply for state sales and withholding accounts online through a consolidated, online service called Colorado Business Express (CBE). This service eliminates the need for new business owners to use paper forms to register separately with different state agencies. For the state tax accounts, the online service replaces the CR 0100 form.