School Resource Officer

A School Resource Officer (SRO) fills many different roles within their school:

The SRO is a vital member of the school’s administrative team, helping to solve problems within the school community. The SRO is an educational resource for students, teachers, administrators, and parents. The SRO provides students with a positive role model, and a balanced view of law enforcement. The SRO is a proactive law enforcement officer dealing with law related issues on campus.


The SRO is a resource for both faculty and students and provides informal counseling and/or advice. These officers have received extensive training regarding programs and services available to handle problems and conflicts. Getting the right kind of help to those that need it is one of the SRO’s highest priorities.

Law Enforcement

Any law related issue that arises on campus is the SRO’s responsibility. In many ways his/her school is no different than any other patrol beat. Whether it is child abuse, truancy, disorderly conduct, theft, or some type of assault, the SRO is there to handle it quickly and professionally. As a Community Police Officer, the SRO is charged with proactively addressing the crimes that occur on campus, both through education and through special projects or programs. Every school is different, so each SRO must tailor his/her projects to both the problem and the school.


Mentoring is the central focus of the program. SROs have the opportunity to form lasting impressions on young people. To help students succeed, the SRO provides guidance, tutoring, and coaching to students with special needs or problems.

To contact any of our School Resource Officers please call 719-687-9262, or send an email.