Construction Inspection Services

The Construction Inspection program provides:

  • Construction project inspections
  • Consultant management
  • Development review functions
  • Signage control and inventory
  • Stormwater inspections

Engineering & Administrative Services

The Engineering Services division provides all:

  • Capital project development
  • City engineer services
  • Consultant management
  • Design
  • Development review functions
  • Procurement
  • Signage control

The City Engineer provides services to all other departments and assists the Planning Department with Floodplain Administration.

The Administrative Services program provides department-specific public relations, cost-accounting, contracts, budgeting analysis and forecasting; execution, purchasing and billing functions.

Facility Maintenance

Under the direction of the Facility Maintenance Crew Chief, the 6-person crew of this division maintains all City-owned buildings, City parks, trails, and open spaces.

This division provides for facilities systems and components maintenance, repair, and replacement, as well as custodial, electrical, carpentry, plumbing, and electronic system support for all City-owned facilities and assets. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Snowplowing (PDF) (critical City sidewalks and parking areas)
  • Flower planting and care, turf maintenance
  • Median beautification
  • Sidewalk and trail clearing and maintenance
  • Meticulous care of other public areas and green spaces at all City facilities

The Facility Maintenance division also hangs all seasonal/holiday lighting and decorations and provides maintenance of the ice rink at the Meadow Wood Sports Complex.

Fleet Maintenance

Under the direction of the Fleet Maintenance Crew Chief, the 2-person crew of this division provides all maintenance and procurement for over 100 administrative vehicles, police vehicles, heavy and light trucks and equipment, and any other duties that require the skills of a mechanic. The division employs an extensive preventative maintenance program for all City equipment.

Street Maintenance

Under the direction of the Street Maintenance Crew Chief, the 7-person crew of this division maintains all 57 miles of City streets, including street sweeping, snow removal, and street maintenance projects which consist of asphalt overlays, chip seals, reconstruction, striping, and pothole patching. This division also repairs and replaces street signs and maintains all City-owned stormwater and drainage system infrastructure.