Robert Zuluaga

Mayoral Candidate

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Phone: 602 692 8100


Candidate Bio

Thank you for considering me as Mayor of our mountain community. Like many of you, I see areas of growing concern that need to be addressed if Woodland Park is going to continue to be a place where families and business thrive. As a current Councilman, I thought to enjoy a two-year support role to new members of council; not anxious to grasp at the gold ring of leadership in a scrappy council.

For us to have a clear vision for the future of Woodland Park, I believe we must be honest about the issues we are currently facing and be strategic about what is needed for positive change. In recent Council proceedings, I was saddened and disturbed by my colleague’s treatment of their responsibilities to fairly reflect the folks that elected them and the lack of respect shown to fellow citizens who came to express their concerns about City policies and personnel overreach.

I saw it as inappropriate for Council to appoint the Mayor Pro Tem to the position of Mayor just as we are entering the election cycle. We should be letting the people decide. This stirred up for me other questionable appointments that Council has made since the untimely passing of Mayor Val Carr.

As you know, the position of Mayor is voluntary, largely ceremonial, has an equally weighted vote with Council, and to my understanding, has the most significant influence in simply setting the tone of Council meetings. It is important to welcome input from our Woodland Park Residents and treat their comments with respect and an open-minded willingness to consider all ideas. The disrespect our community witnesses in Council’s conduct, needs to change.

I believe I have the temperament to lead my colleagues with a positive vision, transparency of process, accountability to our community members and fairness in deliberations.

We are in a rapidly changing landscape. Covid has affected us all in the way we relate to one another, our work routines, the health and wellbeing of our family and loved ones and the amount of government and unelected “expert” imposition we allow upon our God given, unalienable rights.

The improvements to I-25 now quickly connect Denver to Colorado Springs. The Springs is poised to exceed Denver in population and that growth will impact Woodland Park whether we like it or not.

The questions are; how do we maintain our mountain community identity, integrate a blossoming international college, celebrate our historical identity and thrive as Woodland Park Coloradoan Americans?

I have the passion and the skills to effectively collaborate with our region in matters of transportation and the feasibility of a reliever route; as well as guard against massive increases in government overreach in what I see as the spending of our children’s and their children’s future inheritance. We need to be vigilant to guard our way of life against federal or state mandates that trade dollars for loss of local control.

I am for “We the People” and I ask for your vote.