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May 17

2021 Wedding Color Trends

Posted on May 17, 2021 at 11:11 AM by Nicole Evans

With the 2021 wedding season fast approaching, it is important to finalize the details of your wedding day. Wedding colors are some of the most important details of your celebration, and can set the mood and feel of your event. Here at the Ute Pass Cultural we are looking forward to see these new trend colors this wedding season.

Now that we are beyond 2020, we can agree that the whole year felt dark and pretty sad. That being said, soft pastels and uplifting brights are on trend for 2021 celebrations. Keep reading to learn what color trends you can expect to see this year and get inspired for your big day!

Light BlueLight Blue- BLOG

Blue has always been a staple wedding color, but this year the hue is a soft powder blue. This color is super versatile and can be incorporated into a casual or elegant affair. Incorporate light blue into party favors, bouquet ribbons, table runners, or “something blue” shoes.

Lavender and LilacLavendar,Lilac- BLOG

These 2 pale purples share this color trend, and are gorgeous when used together. They will create a two-toned layered palette with a hint of whimsy that is perfect for a spring garden wedding. Because Lavender and Lilac are types flowers, use them in bouquets, centerpieces, and all floral arrangements. Pale purple also looks lovely with most skin tones and hair colors, so it makes an ideal bridesmaid dress color.

Subdued GreenSubdued Green- BLOG

For the subdued green hue, think retro, think Matcha! Who doesn’t love a delicious matcha latte? Green has always been an accent color in floral greenery, but in 2021 it gets to shine as a primary wedding color. Use this color in wedding attire like ties, jackets, and bridesmaid dresses. Layer multiple subdued greens for out-of-this-world greenery bouquets.

PapayaPapaya- BLOG

The most uplifting color of this list is papaya orange. This saturated shade is peppy, happy, and cannot help but make you smile. You can choose one of two paths when using papaya as your wedding color. The first would be to pair it with other colors that are equally bright, like lime and teal, for a color explosion. The second, is to add papaya orange to neutral earth tones as an accent color.

YellowYellow- BLOG

Yellow is an exciting and sunny color choice for your wedding day. This color can liven up a neutral color scheme or go bold with a citrus inspired event. Use yellow in décor items like vases, ribbons, and signage or go crazy with yellow peonies and lemons.

Remember, the colors you choose for your wedding day will evoke a specific feeling for you as well as for your guests.  Determine the mood of your event before choosing the colors (i.e. Lilac and lavender ware calming while Papaya is energetic). The Ute Pass Cultural Center looks great in all of these 2021 trend colors!