When should I use 911?

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about 911 is when to use it. It is not meant to be used to contact the Police Department about routine matters. 911 is to be used solely to report emergencies.


An emergency is when immediate Police, Fire Department or Paramedic assistance is absolutely necessary to protect life or property.

Call 911: (for Emergencies Only)

  • To report a fire
  • To report a medical emergency
  • To stop a crime in progress or one that has just occurred.

Call 719-687-9262: (Do Not Call 911)

  • When a crime has already occurred and the offender(s) are no longer at the scene.
  • For nuisance calls (e.g. barking dogs, noise complaints, ect.)
  • To obtain information from the Police Department
  • To speak with an officer
  • For non-emergency situations
  • To follow up on a previous call

Why Can’t You Take My Non-Emergent Call on the 911 Line When We Are Both on the Line Already? Why Call Me Back from the Non-Emergency Line?

We have a limited number of incoming 911 lines for the entire city. One major incident (such as a large fire or major traffic accident) will cause numerous lines to ring. Those lines get tied up quickly. If we are taking your non-emergent call on the 911 emergency line, real emergency callers may be forced to wait before we can get help to them.

Should I Program the 10-Digit Non-Emergency Number into My Cellular Phone Instead of Calling 911?

We recommend that you program the 10-digit non-emergency number, 719-687-9262, into your cellular phone for quick use. However, if your call in an emergency, please dial 911. The 911 system is an emergency network that has an enhanced design, making it possible for dispatchers answering the phone to receive the address and phone number of the phone making the 911 call. This information is useful when attempting to verify an emergency or the location of a caller who needs help.

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