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  1. City of Woodland Park Cemetery Application

    Fill out this form to apply for the purchase of a cemetery plot in the Woodland Park Cemetery and/or to request a walk through with an... More…

  1. City of Woodland Park Interment Application

    This application is a request to bury a casket or urn in the Woodland Park Cemetery. The City requires this application to be completed... More…

City Clerk

  1. Request for Public Records
  1. Request To Make Public Comment During Official Meetings

    Please complete this form in order to speak during official meeting. Forms should be submitted no later than 6:30 PM MST the day of the... More…

Community Engagement

  1. General Liability Waiver - Community Engagement Department

    To be used for anyone participating in City programs, activities, events, or using City facilities or equipment. ***THIS IS FOR... More…

  1. Signature Events Micro-grant Program Application

Parks and Recreation

  1. COVID-19 Symptoms Waiver

    For participants of Parks and Recreation programs.

  1. General Liability Waiver

    Parks and Recreation General Liability Waiver for Participants

Planning and Building

  1. Keep Woodland Park Beautiful Pledge

    Pledge to keep Woodland Park litter-free

Police Department

  1. Citizen Comment Form

    This form is for citizens to submit a comment about the police department or any of its employees.

  2. Non-Traffic Police Report Request
  1. House/Business Watch Request

    This form is the request form for the Woodland Park Police Department to do periodic checks on an address for the owner or resident.

  2. Traffic Police Report Request