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City of Woodland Park Interment Application

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  2. City of Woodland Park Cemetery Application for Interment.

  3. If you do not already own a plot in the cemetery or you do not the Row/Block/Lot information of your plot, please contact the City at or by phone at (719)687-5201. 

  4. Applicant

    Information of the person or organization filling out this form.

  5. Name of Person or Company Requesting Interment

  6. Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc

  7. Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Friend, etc

  8. Street

  9. Plot Information

  10. Next of Kin

    This person is responsible for authorizing future changes such as additional burials of cremains within the same plot.

  11. Please Check this box if the NOK and applicant are the same person
  12. Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc

  13. Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Friend, etc

  14. Street

  15. Deceased

  16. Last, First, M

  17. Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc

  18. Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, or Space Force


  20. Upload DD 214

  21. Further information is completely optional and will be shared on the Cemetery Website

  22. Information about the deceased person

  23. Street

  24. Max 2000 Characters, you also have the option to upload a document below with the same restriction on number of characters.

  25. Funeral Minister/Director

  26. Person or Organization

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