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Adopt A Garden Agreement

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  3. Adopt A Garden Agreement
  4. Contact for available garden sites.

  5. Please type the name of the organization or individual exactly as you would like to appear on the plaque.

  6. Agreement

    Keep Woodland Park Beautiful/City of Woodland Park and the organization or individual identified in this document recognize a desire to beautify assigned public garden spaces and are entering into this Agreement to permit the Organization/Individual to contribute toward the effort of maintaining a specific location designated by KWPB, more particularly the site located above and described in the attached maps and diagrams. The Organization/Individual is committed to planting, monitoring watering, and weeding the Organization/Individual’s garden. By signing below, the Organization/Individual, for itself and its members, acknowledges the risks involved in performing the Work and agrees on its behalf and behalf of its members to the following terms and conditions:

    1. Organization/individual members agree to obey and abide by the laws and regulations related to safety and such terms and conditions as may be required for work performed on this site.
    2. When members are 15 years of age or younger, the Organization shall furnish adequate supervision by one or more adults.  One adult for every 5 youth is recommended.
    3. All Organization members shall sign a liability release form.  Youth 15 years and younger shall have a parent sign the liability release form.
    4. Prior to the beginning of the growing season, the Organization shall review the safety standards below.
    5. The Organization shall notify KWPB periodically and provide an update of the Organization’s activities including the on-site safety measures utilized before, during and after the Work.
    6. The Organization shall perform the Work for a minimum period of one (1) season (June-September) and shall maintain the site for the entire year unless other arrangements are made.
    7. A spokesperson shall be selected to serve as the contact person for the Organization.
    8. The members of the Organization shall not possess or consume alcoholic beverages or marijuana and/or illegal drugs while performing the work or while present on site.   Any breach of this requirement shall, in addition to subjecting the violator(s) to legal proceedings, disqualify the Organization from further participation in any further work. 

    The Organization shall be responsible for providing adequate drinking water for itself and designating a team leader responsible for ensuring a first aid kit and cell phone are available for emergencies.  The team leader shall ensure that all members wear orange safety vests when on-site.

    The City of Woodland Park Public Works Department will provide the following:

    1. On-site sign displaying the Organization/Individual's name
    2. Plants & suggested pattern for planting
    3. Supplies as available/if needed

    Safety Standards

    Working in sites along streets or highways can be dangerous. Participants shall be cautious and alert when working near or adjacent to right-of-ways.

    1. Gloves and orange safety vests shall be worn.
    2. Carefully handle potentially dangerous items such as glass, rusty metals, or heavy items. 
    3. Wear appropriate shoes (rubber sole, closed-toe) during gardening activity.
    4. Wear a hat and sunscreen. Drink lots of water. 
    5. Have a first aid kit handy.
    6. Avoid any work in the street or roadway.  
    7. Have an identified team leader with a cell phone.
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