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House/Business Watch Request

  1. Owner/Resident Information:
  2. Emergency Contact Information
    In case of emergency, we will attempt to contact the person(s) you list below. An emergency contact should be someone who can respond to the home or business, day or night, with a KEY and access to the ALARM SYSTEM (if needed). Please provide at least two contacts.
  3. Vehicle Information
    Please provide any information on any vehicles that will be left parked at your residence/business. Include any trailer that has a license plate.
  4. Additional Information
  5. Will lights be left on?*
  6. Are lights on a timer?*
  7. Will there be pets on site?*
  8. Is there an alarm system?*
  9. Will anyone be house sitting, feeding pets, or watering plants at this location in your absence?*
  10. Conditions of Service
    The Woodland Park Police Department is pleased to provide additional house watch services to Woodland Park homeowners and residents. Short-term watches (1 month or shorter) will expire one week after the return date listed on this watch form. To avoid confusion, please call the police department at 719-687-9262 upon your return. Long-term watches (1 month or longer) must be renewed monthly by the homeowner or resident via phone. Please understand that the Woodland Park Police Department may have periods of time in which higher priority calls will take precedence. Houses will be checked periodically, but not necessarily on a daily basis during this time.
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