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Traffic Police Report Request

  1. Police reports maintained by the Woodland Park Police Department are documents written by Woodland Park Police Department personnel that describe incidents that are not traffic related. All Woodland Park Police Department records are released in accordance with current Colorado Revised Statutes. Not all information is releasable on all reports. Therefore, the copy of the report you receive may have areas which have been redacted (blacked out).
  2. Reports involving the following are retained permanently by our Department:
  3. • Death of any kind

    • Forgery

    • Incest

    • Indecent exposure

    • Kidnapping

  4. • Missing Persons/Runaways

    • Sexual Assault 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree

    • Sexual Assault/Exploitation of a Child

    • Theft of a Gun

    • Treason
  5. Cost

    The minimum fee is $10.00. If the report is more than 10 pages in length, you may be charged an additional $0.25 per page. If there are additional fees, you will be contacted by Woodland Parks Police Department Records Division personnel. For any questions concerning costs, please consult the published Schedule of Fees available here or contact the Records Section at 719‐687‐9262. We accept money orders and personal checks. Please do not enclose cash. Make checks payable to “City of Woodland Park”.

  6. Request Information
    Important Information - If you do not know the report number, please provide as much Alternate Search Information as possible. This will aid the Records Release Personnel in locating your requested information.
  7. Additional Search Information
  8. Please Choose Your Preferred Method of Receiving the Report
  9. Contact Information
  10. Affirmation & Certification
  11. Please include any other details you believe may help to locate your report, or you need included in your report.
  12. Affirmation*
    I hereby certify by affixing my legal signature to this form that any records I obtain as part of this request are for my personal use only and are used only to help me adequately protect myself and/or my family. I further affirm that I will not use any information obtained from this request to inflict retribution, harass, endanger, intimidate, threaten, or otherwise further punish those persons listed in the report under penalty of law. I hereby verify by affixing my legal signature to this forma that any record(s) I obtain will not be used for direct solicitation of any business for pecuniary (financial) gain pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute 24‐72‐305.5.
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